Soseska Radenci
Soseska Radenci
Mrzla Dolina 3
Mrzla Dolina 3
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Dolnov Group

Everything we have achieved was only possible with our long-standing partners and subcontractors.

Dolnov d.o.o.

ID Dolnov d.o.o.

{The future as you planned it{



At Dolnov d.o.o., we provide modern and sustainable housing to our customers. Quality materials, modern construction technology, and reliable partners allow us to provide quality apartments throughout the territory of Slovenia.

Dolnov team:

Peter Žibert


Lidija Žibert

managing director

Primož Đuričić Žibert

project leader

Marjana Vučenović

head of sale

Janez Lenardič



Sale and rental of real estate

New apartment construction

Marketing of shopping centers

Interior equipment



Mrzla Dolina

The new residential complex Mrzla dolina is located on the western edge of Novo Mesto, near the city entrance from the direction of Straža.

Dolenčevi vrtovi

The new residential estate will include 96 apartments, four business premises, and an underground parking lot with capacity for 203 cars.

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Years of experience

Estates constructed

Apartments sold

Apartments under constructions


Media releases

All of our projects are of great interest to municipalities and the media, as they represent important assets for each city and solve housing problems.

A new neighborhood will grow in Radenci

Vir: STA Radenci, 19 November – After the foundation stone has been laid, the first construction works will begin next week in the new residential estate Soseska Dolnov Radenci. Lesnina LGM and Dolnov will build three apartment blocks with a total of 110 apartments....

Mrzla Dolina 3, Novo Mesto

Vir: After almost three years, the Kranj-based company Dolnov has restarted the construction of apartments in Mrzla dolina, which will be ready for occupancy at the end of 2023. 120 apartments will be completed in two apartment blocks with a two-level...

A new residential neighborhood in Škofja Loka

Vir: The municipality of Škofja Loka is a dynamic sub-regional centre with developed service activities and a wide network of high-quality educational institutions and a driving, growing economy. For many years, the municipality has been ranked among...

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